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A quick Introduction to Monster Farming:

Terra Battle units can be classified in 2 groups:

  • Adventurers, generally found in the Pact of Truth (also known as PoT, the one which requires Energy to pull);
  • Monsters, found in Stages and in Pact of Fellowship (aka PoF, the one that requires Coins).

Since Energy is a precious and limited value shouldn't take you much to figure that Adventurers are much stronger than Monsters, this thanks to their higher stats and the more (useful) skills. Once you got 6 Adventurers there's no reason to include Monsters in your team.

Anyway, once a unit (Monster or Adventurer) reaches 100% SB it can't be pulled again from a Pact; this is a very important thing to keep in mind, since PoF also includes 9 Adventurers:

"Clearing" PoF (making all the Monsters available reach 100% SB):

  • grants you a 100% chance to pull all the Adventurers I listed by spending Coins, not Energy;
  • allows you to 100% SB all the Adventurers I listed (plus Jaguna Λ, Suoh Λ, Camellia Λ and Velraine Λ) in no time, allowing them to trigger all their skills with a 100% rate;
  • takes them out from the PoT pool, which gives you more chances to find better adventurers, especially on 2/10 Events (at least 2 S+ units when pulling 10 characters at once).

Since each pull from the Tavern costs 3.000 , Completing PoF will cost you about 6 Millions Coins (cha ching!), reason why you should:

  • Farm Coin Creeps 3 every time you can, especially during Arena events;
  • Farm Monsters on Story Chapters; I suggest you to ask in TBF chat for "Negotiator" characters if you don't have any, since they can increase the recruit rate up to 18 times (!!).

My suggestion is to wait for the Monster 2x Daily Bonus to come, then to 100% the units listed on the home in order, starting from the cheapest ones.

  • After the fist one, each further catch increases a monster's SB by 5%;
  • Is not possible to recruit the same monster more times on the same run;
  • Every catch saves you 3.000 coins, most stages allow you to recruit at least 2 units.

The list you find on this site is not mine, I just used the one Rydia from Terra Battle Forum made (and edited it a bit), all credits go to her :)

If you are looking for more information about Monster Farming (and I highly advise you to do it), Rydia also wrote a couple of guides about PoF Completition: [ link 1 ] and [ link 2 ]

As bonus, a - very - stupid video of mine: Don't Rush, Complete PoF first (to avoid bad surprises).

Enjoy the read

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