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Stamina to Reach:

Starting Date:


Ending Date:


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A stage is usually run multiple times to farm an item or a monster; if the preset rates don't fit, is possible to set a custom one.

The drop rates for items and monsters are listed on TBc.
Some enemies spawn with a fixed rate; check the wiki to know more about.

Current + Generated Stamina: 569

It takes 5 hrs and 10 mins to reach 155 Stamina ( starting from 0 ).

The stamina generated from 19 Jul to 20 Jul, plus the 0 already available is enough to run...

14 stages for 40 Stamina each ( St. left: 9 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

22 stages for 25 Stamina each ( St. left: 19 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

37 stages for 15 Stamina each ( St. left: 14 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

When playing a low cost stage, the recover that occours every 2 minutes allows to do more runs than those calculated; by consequence, emptying the stamina bar will take more time:

81 stages for 7 Stamina each ( St. left: 2 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

113 stages for 5 Stamina each ( St. left: 4 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

189 stages for 3 Stamina each ( St. left: 2 )

Event occurrence: 0 time(s).

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