• This feature is currently a little bugged and some notifications don't work properly.
    I'll fix it as soon as I have a chance, sorry for the inconvenience...

Notification Format:

Actual Value Notify at

Days Before they start

Depending on when the event is annunced, you might get notified later than you requested.

Minutes before HM starts:

Days before a new WC becomes available:

Minutes before it opens:


Minutes Before:

Days Before:

  • I'm not responsable for any issue related to the system, so if you don't receive your notification I ask you to not get mad at me and to make me know you had a problem by writing a post on this thread, contacting me via PM on the Forum or sending an email at this address.

  • I won't use your e-mail address to bother you in any other way (e.g. spam);

    You can delete your address from the DB anytime by using the button on top of the page or by contacting me.

  • Even if the password entered is encrypted before being stored in the database, in case you are an "I use always the same password" guy I suggest you to use a different one, just to be sure :)

  • If you don't want to lose your old notification settings, click on 'Show my preferences' before overriding them.

  • You can read more about this feature on the about page.

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