• I'd like to thank Tharos for providing the list of the enemies present on the the story stages.

  • This page is still under development: only drops from the Story Chapters are listed, Unique and Event items aren't.
    Randomly generated items aren't listed too (e.g. a random Ring).

  • 2x bonus ongoing until Wednesday 23rd, 07:00 AM · 12h and 29m left

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  • Treasure Hunters

  • Drop Bonus

  • Current Daily Bonus

Highest Drop Rate:

The stage with the highest drop rate is 36-8 - 2x bonus will take place in 8 days, from Wednesday 30th to Friday 1st, 07:00 AM

The stage with the 2nd highest drop rate is 9-7 - 2x bonus will take place in 2 days, from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th, 07:00 AM

Highest Stamina Ratio:

The stage with the highest stamina ratio is 5-4 - 2x bonus will take place in 5 days, from Sunday 27th to Tuesday 29th, 07:00 AM

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