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*1 Weapon-type items, like Terra Swordsteel and Terra Staffwood

*2 Species-type items, like Serenity Shoot (low tier) and Wisdom Flower

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Weekly Challenge

Chapter 5: Descent - 4



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Lucky Orbling

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Metal Runner Rampage

» 16 July, 7 PM


Leviathan's Third Descent

» 16 July, 7 PM


Leviathan Descended

As soon as you step on the last floor, Leviathan will start to glow: starting from her next turn, she will use, in order, Maelstorm, Icy Breath (1 Column), Maelstorm, Breath Attack, Area (1) and then charge for her next Maelstorm.

When left alone, she'll just alternate between Maelstorm and Breath Attack: both of them deal physical damage and might make your life really hard if the average level of your team is below 20.

Your biggest enemy here is Maelstorm, that can hit all the units on the field and cause to many of them the status Confusion for 1 turn: adventurers like Ellvern and Eileen can use the skill Levitation to make all your team immune not only to this attack, but also to all the traps on the previous floors, making this stage a pece of cake.

Suggested units: O'pari, Amazora, Maralme and Daiana; If you don't have them don't worry, the stage can be cleared ealily with almost every unit, just avoid to use C and D class monsters if possible.

» 16 July, 7 PM


Leviathan Evolved

Compared to its easier version, Leviathan Evolved requires a little more of attention as the first thing Neo Leviathan will do is to cast on herself a Barrier that reduces by 80% all the damage taken: in order to break it, you need to hit her with 8 ice attacks.

Equip to some of your units the Glacial Wand companion that drops from Leviathan Descended or include a couple of ice units in your team, but keep in mind that as her weaker (and stronger) version, Neo Leviathan absorbs this element.

Damage from both Lightning and Darkness is reduced by 40%

Her attack pattern is not very complex: Glacial Breath (Cross All), then she'll wait for 1 turn and cast Maelstorm. Bring units with the skill Levitation (Eileen, Ellvern, Gatz, Gegonago and Zafitte) or companions like Faerie's Amulet to avoid problems with the status Confusion.

On that "empty" turn, in case she's alone, she'll summon 1 Chiton and 1 Chiton (black): remember to recruit the black one (here* or on one of the previous foors) to recode Leviathan in Leviathan Λ, as it can be farmed only during this event)

Reached the 25% HP threshold she'll start to glow: on the following turn, she'll deal a very high ice damage to all your characters: for this reasons, Anti-Ice Capsules (Daiana, Lewto, Koko) and Ice Dmg Down (O'pari, Leviathan) are a life saver in most cases.

» 16 July, 7 PM



Leviathan Ultra

Most of the tips listed for both Leviathan Descended and Leviathan Evolved can be also applied to Leviathan Ultra: bring a character with Levitation, All and Ice Capsules (or Ice Dmg Down) if you want to survive.

As Bahamut, she absorbs the damage dealt by skills of her same element and reduces by 70% those dealt by Lightning and Darkness.

Got the Trident is possible to recruit Leviathan again and again (each catch increases her SB by 3%), also, remember that you need the monster Chiton (black) (from Leviathan Evolved) to recode her.

» 16 July, 7 PM


Leviathan Recoded

This stage is NOT required to obtain Leviathan Λ.

The first 4 stages are exactly like those from Leviathan Ultra (with the exception that monsters have higher stats); on last floor, Leviathan Λ will cover most of the map with Timeloss traps.

At least one unit with the skill/companion Timeloss Ward (like Shin'en Λ and Eileen Λ) is required.

The stage can be cleared without Ice DMG reduction skills, with Bahamut Λ as only fire unit.

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